Poll Says 8 Out Of 10 Walkers Take Their Dogs Out Just For Peace And Quiet

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Sometimes life can be overwhelming, and we often need to find a place and some time to ourselves. It’s always a good thing to find some “me time” whenever the stresses of life come, and for us pet parents, that “me time” usually includes our dogs.

The hard part is figuring out where we can go to get that quiet peace to help us think and figure things out. But if you’re a dog lover, then you need search for long, as there’s a perfect way to get some peace and quiet–and that’s taking your dog out for a walk.

If you’ve ever taken your dog out for a walk just to relax and clear your head, then you’re not alone, according to a new poll!

What Does The Research Say?

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In a recent poll conducted by YuMOVE, a company that promotes joint supplements for dogs, eight out of ten dog owners admit they take their beloved pooches out for walks not just for their dogs’ benefit, but to get some peace and quiet of their own.

The study, which polled 2,000 dog parents, found that dog walks weren’t just for exercise, but at least 73 percent believed getting out and about with their pooch was a vital de-stressing tool amid the anxieties of life. In fact, most considered the personal time one of the best aspects of walking their dog.

One in five dog owners suggested they made major life decisions such as moving to another area, finding a new job, or ending a relationship while out on a walk with their pup.

Gemma Cunningham, a brand manager for YuMOVE’s poll research, stated, “‘Walking the dog is one of the most important jobs as an owner, but while it is primarily for the benefit of the dog, it can also be beneficial for dog owners, too.”

She added, “Getting away from everyday life for a bit while you go on a quiet stroll can give you some much needed time with man’s best friend to clear your head and enjoy some time to yourself–something many can struggle to get otherwise. Not only is it good for your own health and well being, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your beloved pooch is also going to be better off for it.”

The study also found that the average dog parent heads out on eight walks with their pets per week, and each one lasts around 30 minutes. That amounts to four hours of thinking time per week.

Walking Your Dog Offers Other Benefits

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While walking your pup is great to marinate on things going on in your life, it also serves many other benefits for both you and your dog.

From the study, 68 percent of dog parents believe their daily walk with their pet helps to improve their own physical health, and another 64 percent think it boosts their mood and mental health.

Pet parents don’t even see walking their dogs as a chore, as an astounding 97 percent of them enjoy walking their dogs with more than a quarter saying they feel disappointed if they don’t get a chance to go out as planned. In fact, some feel guilty, more stressed, and even irritable when they don’t get to enjoy their daily walks with their pooches.

Enjoying the outdoors, discovering new places, and meeting new people are also among the reported benefits of taking your dog out for a walk. One in five dog owners believe that walking your dog also improves your relationship with your family if you all go out together.

65 percent of dog owners, via OnePoll, walk their dog alone, while 29 percent use it as an opportunity to go for a stroll with their partner, and 16 percent take their children along.

“It is clear there are several kinds of dog walkers who find different purpose and meaning in their daily walks,” Gemma Cunningham stated. “Whether it is to spend more time together with the family, get more exercise, or simply find some peace and quiet, the walk can bring a wide range of benefits.”

Do you ever take your dog for a walk just to get some peace and quiet? Do you think walking benefits you just as much as your pooch? Let us know in the comments below!