Fur Laughs: 9 Dogs Acting Just Plain Silly To Make You Smile [VIDEOS]

Dog Silly

(Picture Credit: kiszon pascal/Getty Images)

All dogs have their own personalities. Some are grumpy while others are furry balls of energy. Some can be lazy and sleep all day, and others can be curious and sniff everything.

No matter what kind of personality your pup might have, one thing is for sure — they all have their silly moments. And those silly moments sure put smiles on our faces!

Here are nine dogs acting plain silly and having a great time doing it. Share them with a friend who needs a smile today!

1. Dog Loves The Exercise Ball

From the get-go, this young pup is having a blast on this red exercise ball, biting and barking. He pushes it into the corner and has a few words with it before jumping on it and biting on it some more.

I’m sure this cute dog was hoping the ball would play back with him. We hoped so too, buddy.

2. Pup Loves To Ride The Roomba

This Golden Retriever named Umi was barely a month old before being introduced to the family Roomba.

The young puppy somehow ended up on top of the autonomous vacuum and never regretted it for a second, as she just hangs out while the Roomba does its job.

Even as the Roomba bumps into the wall, it doesn’t faze Umi one bit. Enjoy the video of this silly little pup.

3. Bulldog Looking For Dogs Behind The Laptop

In this quick video, we see a Bulldog watching a video of another dog on his parents’ laptop. Excited, he quickly looks behind the screen, searching for the dog who is nowhere to be found.

He does this a couple times more but still to no success. It’s a short but funny video of a pup just being silly.

4. Boxer Finds A New Way To Go Down Stairs

This might be one of the silliest but funniest things on this list. At the beginning of the video, this cute Boxer starts at the very top of the stairs and drags himself down the first flight.

He’s not hurt or in any kind of distress. It seems like he just doesn’t want to walk at all as he drags through another three flights of stairs, loving it each time.

Whatever works for him works for us!

5. Dog And The Doorstop

This cute pup has no idea what he’s playing with, but he’s clearly enjoying it. In this short clip, he hits the doorstop with his paws, barking and hoping it will speak back to him.

It seems like he wants to know why it’s there in the first place. Who knew a door stop could be so amusing?

6. Doggy Daydreaming

This funny video starts out with a pack of dogs waiting to leave their pen. They’re all disciplined and lovely dogs who patiently wait for their names to be called.

One at a time, we watch as they walk out after being called by name. But at the very end, there’s one silly and cute pooch who’s off in his own world.

Funny enough, his name was Echo — and it took a couple of times to call his name before he came back to reality.

7. Dog Runs Around In Circles For Fun

Norbert is a cutie with a serious case of the zoomies. He hops from rug to rug and spins around like a furry blur!

We’ve all seen our own pets do this more than once. They release their pent-up energy and excitement by running back and forth or in circles.

What an adorable, silly boy!

8. An Orchestra Of Great Danes And One Terrier

What would three Great Danes and one Fox Terrier hanging out in a room do if left to their own devices? Sing of course!

From the start of the video all four dogs are standing around and howling at each other. It’s like a dog band trying to sing in harmony.

They’re silly but entertaining, for sure!

9. Dog Loves His Tail

This funny Husky starts off in the video with his own tail in his mouth. Maybe he got bored while hanging out in the backyard with his pet parents. He finds his own entertainment by pulling on his tail until he falls on some shrubbery.

Later in the video, he’s on his back and still going at his tail, trying to catch it in his mouth.

He’s being a goofball, but that’s one of the reasons we love our pups!

What do you think of these dogs being plain silly? What silly things does your dog do? Let us know in the comments below!