8 K-9 Drug Dogs Who Are So Proud Of Their First Busts

Drug dogs help keep us safe by getting harmful substances and dangerous people off the streets and out of our communities. They’re good dogs who are focused on the task and ready to perform, but for them, it’s mostly just play time. They’re enjoying the scent work games that they get to play with their handlers, and they light up when they get rewarded with praise, treats, and toys for a job well done. When K-9 drug dogs do succeed, though, you can see how their work fills them with pride. They know when they’ve done something important, and you can tell from their pictures that they’re loving all the extra attention and recognition that they deserve. Here are eight drug dogs who just made their first busts and couldn’t be more proud.

1. Rye Finds A Meth Mountain

K-9 Rye’s first drug bust was pretty exciting. Officers from the West Covina Police Department in California made a traffic stop for a code violation and found a small amount of methamphetamine in a car, but Rye indicated that there was more. A lot more. Police impounded the car and found two hidden compartments with a whopping 60 pounds of meth. Rye looks very pleased posing in front of the drugs that he helped get off the street, and he should be!

2. From Death Row To Drug Dog

K-9 Libby might not look like what you’d expect from a police dog, but she proved that Pit Bulls are just as capable of saving the day as any other pup with her first bust. During a drug raid with the Montgomery County Police in Texas, she found a cabinet full of marijuana, steroids, dangerous drugs, and weapons, which were used as evidence to put the bad guys away. Then, she posed for a picture with the haul in her best tough-girl face. Not bad for a dog that was rescued only days before being euthanized.

3. K-9 Partners Can’t Be Fooled

Koda and Kuko have noses that can pick up what their human partners at the Denver Sheriff’s Department might miss, and they proved it during their first bust. The pair of pups were searching the impound lot when they found an SUV that had five and a half pounds of marijuana and some meth hidden behind the front tire and passenger seat. Not a bad start to their days on the force.

4. Former Stray Smells Something

K-9 Wilson the Pit Bull mix started his career with the Normangee Police Department in Texas with a big bust during a traffic stop. The pup smelled trouble and indicated that drugs were in the vehicle. Wilson’s human partners searched and found a duffel bag filled with 4.2 pounds of marijuana, 1,000 Xanax bars, and thousands in cash. For a dog who was found as a stray, Wilson did pretty good, and you can tell by his picture that he’s ready to get back to work.

5. Busted By A Belgian Malinois

The Utah Highway Patrol suspected something was up during a traffic stop, so they called in the rookie, K-9 Duco, to show them what he was made of. Duco helped find 14 pounds of meth hidden away in the vehicle, valued at more than $150,000. It was Duco’s first bust, and while he looks pretty proud of a job well done, he’s also ready to get back to work.

6. Taking Down Meth Dealers Like A Pro

The three suspects in the vehicle that was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Arizona knew right away that they were in trouble when K-9 Zolton showed up. Even though Zolton was new to the force, he indicated that there were drugs in the vehicle right away, and police found 31 pounds of meth hidden in a side panel for this pup’s first bust. Way to go, rookie!

7. Bosco’s Coming For Your Stash

K-9 Bosco is absolutely adorable, unless you’re a drug dealer. In his first week on the job with the Ankeny Police in Iowa, the pup was called in to help with the Narcotics Unit, and he certainly delivered. The pup helped find 40.8 pounds of marijuana in a huge first drug bust. Better watch your stash around this K-9.

8. First Night On The Job

It didn’t take long for K-9 Chiv to start busting bad guys. On the pup’s first night with his human officer partner, he helped locate two ounces of meth and $10,000 in cash. It’s not the biggest bust in history, but it’s not a bad start, either. After the big first bust, Chiv gave a big, proud, doggy smile for his photo with the loot. He’s got a big future ahead of him.

What other police dogs deserve to be honored? Are you happy these K-9s are out there doing their jobs and keeping us safe? Let us know in the comments below!