110-Pound Rottweiler Puppy Named Hercules Saves His Owner From An Attacker


(Picture Credit: KSDK NBC 5)

Hercules is a sweet ten-month-old puppy who usually wouldn’t hurt anybody. The 110-pound Rottweiler was walking along a trail in The Woodlands, Texas with his owner, Catalina Humphrey, in broad daylight when a man approached them from behind. He grabbed Humphrey by the shoulder hard enough to scratch her, and that’s when Hercules jumped to the rescue.


(Picture Credit: KSDK NBC 5)

The pup reacted so quickly that neither the man nor Humphrey knew what was happening. Hercules immediately attacked the man, biting him over and over again. After a struggle the man got up, screamed at Humphrey, and ran away bleeding. The big, normally gentle puppy’s protective instincts kept his owner safe.


(Picture Credit: KSDK NBC 5)

Humphrey ran home and called the police who are searching the area for the man. They took DNA samples from Hercules’s mouth and Humphrey’s shoulders and are checking hospitals in the area to see if a man with dog bites came in for treatment. The suspect is a clean-shaven male in his 20s, 5’10”, and 175 pounds. He was wearing black jogging pants, a red shirt, and a black baseball cap. If you’ve seen someone matching his description in the area, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.

As for Hercules, he got a nice, juicy bone and a doggy spa day. He deserves a big reward for being such a hero to his owner.

Would your dog defend you from an attacker? Are you glad Hercules was around to save the day? Let us know in the comments below!

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