Pit Bull Saves Owner From Man Attacking With A Screwdriver

A brown and white Pit Bull holds a chewed up tennis ball as he gets pet on the head by his owner.

(Picture Credit: ABC7 News)

Droggie the Pit Bull is getting plenty of treats after saving his owner from a man who was attacking him with a screwdriver. The attacker, Jason Perez, jabbed Droggie’s owner in the shoulder with the screwdriver as they walked past him. That’s when Droggie jumped to the rescue.

Droggie bit Perez on the butt, then nipped his leg. Perez fell down, and Droggie’s owner ran away. The police arrested Perez shortly after. There was no motivation for the attack, according to the police, and it seems like a case of mistaken identity. Perez is being charged with attempted murder.

Droggie the Pit Bull lies in the grass by his owner's shadow, chewing a tennis ball.

(Picture Credit: ABC7 News)

Droggie’s owner was lucky to escape with a few minor injuries on his shoulder, and Droggie was treated for a minor cut. But it was thanks to the pup’s bravery and quick action that his owner was able to get away without anything worse happening. The loyal Pit Bull is a hero, and his family is showing their thanks with lots of love and tons of dog treats.

What do you think? Are you glad Droggie was there to save the day? Would your dog defend you from an attacker? Let us know in the comments below!

January 2016

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