Do Dogs Go To Heaven? One Person Claims To Have The Answer To That Question

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What do you believe happens to your dogs after they pass away? There are so many beliefs out there with regards to our pets. Some think that there is a Rainbow Bridge where all the animals we’ve loved wait for us until we die. Some think all dogs go to heaven, while others believe they linger through our lives and watch over us, occasionally making contact. And some think that animals have no souls and just fade away. But one psychic claims to know the answer for sure after receiving a message from beyond the grave.

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Mark Howard is a paranormal investigator and psychic. He was recently giving a reading to a family that asked him questions about their departed father. Howard claims that the spirit came through to communicate, and the family had an unusual question. They wanted to know if their dogs were with their father in the afterlife.

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In all his years, Howard had never thought to ask a departed soul about the fate of our beloved pups. But he said that the spirit answered the family’s question. Their father said that when you die, you are given a room or space to create whatever you want for a time of healing and counseling. During this time, you can invite whoever you want into your room, which includes your pets. So dogs do, in fact, go to heaven, as do other pets and people.

What do you think? Do our dogs go to heaven to be with us in the afterlife? Let us know in the comments below!

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