Dog Rescued From Death Row Repays Family By Saving Them From Gas Leak


(Picture Credit: Fox 5 News)

Life wasn’t always good for Kailey. Only a month ago, the three-year-old Shepherd mix was on death row in a Georgia shelter. Her former owner abused her, leaving her with trust issues and severely introverted behavior. When she arrived at the shelter, she was starving and had heartworms, and because of her tendency to snap at people she didn’t know or trust, she spent a year without a family. Luckily, that all changed when she was fostered just before facing euthanasia and adopted by Suzy Chandler, a woman who was touched by Kailey’s story.


(Picture Credit: Fox 5 News)

Kailey repaid her new family one night when she started barking and growling in an unusual manner. Chandler thought that maybe the pup wanted to go outside, so she took her out for a potty break. But Kailey immediately pulled Chandler toward the side of the house. It was there that Chandler was hit with an overpowering smell of gas and heard a whooshing sound.

Chandler called 911 and the fire department arrived to do air monitoring checks at a neighboring apartment complex where several children live. Thankfully the leak was fixed before anyone got hurt. Kailey saved her new family and neighbors from a gas leak that could have led to disaster. Her humans hope that this story inspires others to take a chance on adopting a dog in need.

Has your dog ever alerted you to a dangerous situation? Do you hope Kailey’s story will encourage others to adopt? Let us know in the comments below!

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