Rescue Dog Saves Owner From Fire Burning Behind The Walls

When Drew Smith showed up to the shelter, he was looking for a Golden Retriever. But something made him stop when he saw a small Spaniel-mix. However, the pup had some dental issues that would end up being expensive, and Smith left the Shelter without adopting the dog. That night, he couldn’t get the shelter dog out of his mind, so he went in the next day and picked up his new best friend. He named the dog Carl, and they’ve been inseparable since then. Smith rescued Carl, but he had no idea that Carl would return the favor one day.

They suited each other well, as they both had calm, quiet personalities. In fact, Smith wasn’t sure Carl could even bark at all for a long time. But Carl spoke up when it counted. One night, Carl started acting unusual. He was pacing and restless, and on their last walk he didn’t want to go back inside the apartment. When Smith went to bed, he awoke to Carl licking and barking at him. Smith realized he had a sore throat, and suddenly he smelled something burning. The whole apartment was full of smoke. 

Thanks to Carl, they left the apartment even before the smoke and CO2 detector could tell them that there was a fire. Apparently the fire had been smoldering behind the walls of the apartment for several hours, and Carl was the only one who knew. The rescued dog saved the day. Thanks to his quick action, they were able to leave the apartment, and the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. If you rescue a dog, you might be the one being rescued instead!

Has your pup ever sensed something you couldn’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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