Dog Lost On A Cold Night Sneaks Into Police Car To Get A Ride Home


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tuolumne County Sheriff)

On a cold winter night, Deputy Hammell of the Tuolumne County Sheriff Department saw a suspicious vehicle in a local market’s parking lot at around 1 am. So he pulled over and left his car to investigate. Since he didn’t expect it to take long, he left his car door open, and when he returned from his investigation, he found that he had a new passenger waiting for him.


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tuolumne County Sheriff)

A black Labrador Retriever named Ruger had curled up in the passenger seat and was warming up in the heated police car. The temperature outside was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s no wonder the pup was looking for a place to get toasty. Ruger got comfy and cozy as Deputy Hammell searched for his address on his collar.


(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tuolumne County Sheriff)

After locating the pup’s address, Deputy Hammell gave Ruger a ride home. The tired pup fell asleep in the warm patrol car as his owners were found. They had been looking for their dog all night and were so happy to have him back safe and sound. The Tuoloumne County Sheriff Department hopes everyone takes a lesson from Ruger’s adventure. On Facebook, they said, “Remember if you are lost and see a Law Enforcement Officer they will help you find your way home!”

Do you think Ruger recognized someone who would help him get back home? What would you do if a dog appeared in your car? Let us know in the comments below!

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