Police Officer Wades Into Drainage Tunnel To Save Trapped Dog

The officer emerges from the tunnel with the dog

(Picture Credit: Peggy Edwards via 12 WPRI)

Things went from bad to worse for a small Terrier dog in Woonsocket, Rhode Island when the pup was suddenly chased by a bigger dog. The Terrier ended up falling down an embankment and into a river, and the pup was swept off by the current. The poor dog was pulled along into a culvert, which is a large drainage tunnel that runs underground. If it weren’t for a woman who saw the incident, the dog may not have made it at all.

The officer is out of the tunnel with the dog in his arms

(Picture Credit: Peggy Edwards via 12 WPRI)

The witness, Peggy Edwards, did her best to coax the frightened pup out of the tunnel where it had managed to crawl up the side. But every time the dog tried to come towards her, it slipped and was dragged even further along by the current. So Edwards called the police, and Patrol Officer Joseph Brazil arrived on the scene shortly after.

The officer holds the wet dog in his arms.

(Picture Credit: Peggy Edwards via 12 WPRI)

Officer Brazil knew that with the cold temperature of the water, the strong current, and the sharp drop off at the end of the tunnel, he had to act quickly. So he rolled up his pant legs and went in after the pup. He walked about 40 feet into the tunnel to get the dog, and he brought him to a shelter for care and treatment. The dog’s owners were relieved and picked up the little Terrier from the shelter. They’re all happily reunited now, and hopefully this pup will stay in a secure place free of mean dogs from now on.

Would you walk into a drain tunnel to save a dog? Are you glad this officer was willing to help a frightened pup in need? Let us know in the comments below!

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