Two Aggressive Dogs Charge Police Officer – He Handles It Like A Pro [VIDEO]

A police officer in Idaho is called with a complaint of two vicious dogs running around a large residential neighborhood.

So happy to see a police officer handling a situation like this in kind way. The dogs are clearly pets, you can see their collars. They charge the officer again and again but the police officer gets a great idea. He opens his cruiser door and asks the vicious dogs “Who wants to go for a ride?”

The officer even used pepper spray and the dogs still want to go for a ride with him. No dog can resist a car ride.

The dog’s load up and the police officer is heard saying “How do you like me now?”

Thank you Officer Gomez for restoring our faith in the badge.

Video description:

Meridian (ID) Police Department School Resource Officer David Gomez responds to a complaint of 2 vicious dogs running at large in a residential neighborhood. In 2014, the agency sent 2 officers to the class Defensive Tactics Canine Encounters, which teaches officers a use of force continuum and confidence in less lethal means during canine encounters, while still keeping the officer, innocent bystanders and the public’s canine companions from harm. Animal Control Officers were not immediately available. Officer Gomez put to the test what he learned in his department training session. Meridian Idaho PD and Officer Gomez set a high bar for fellow law enforcement officers across the nation.