Dog Saves Her Boy With Down’s Syndrome From A Tumble Dryer


(Picture Credit: Aaron Duffy)

When Teddy the Cockapoo ran into the room and started barking wildly, her human mom, Mrs. Duffy, knew something was wrong. She followed the pup downstairs and saw her older son watching television, but Riley, her five-year-old son who has Down’s syndrome, was nowhere to be found. That’s when Teddy started running back and forth towards the dryer.


(Picture Credit: Aaron Duffy)

The tumble dryer was dark and she couldn’t see inside, but Duffy heard loud banging and saw Riley’s iPad spinning around. She immediately pulled open the dryer, pulled out her son, and started pouring cold water over him. Riley’s father, Aaron, got home a few seconds later and took the boy into the shower to run cold water over him before calling an ambulance. The boy had been in the dryer for a few minutes, and if it weren’t for Teddy’s barking, he might have died.

Riley had a few burns and bruises but seemed to be in good shape otherwise. This was actually the second time in two months that Teddy warned the family of danger. Earlier he started barking when an iPhone charger caught fire. This dog might just be her family’s guardian angel.

Has your dog ever saved your family? Do you think your pup would let you know if something was wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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