Argentinian Street Dog Adopts German Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant, Olivia Sievers was in Buenos Aires when a friendly street dog approached her. She fed him and played with him for a while.

The dog had probably not seen much affection because he followed her to her hotel, and remained until she had to go back home to Germany.

The stray went back to his life on the streets, but every time she was in town, he seemed to know. He would find her at her hotel and stay by her side as much as possible.

Sievers made attempts to get her furry 4 legged friend, adopted into a loving home. He only escaped so he could make his way back to her.

That was when she decided to fill out the forms and take the dog home with her. She named him Rubio. Rubio seems to be enjoying life in Germany, just fine with his favorite human in the world.

Wag of the tail to The Dodo for this sharing the beautiful story.