Dog Missing For A Month Found Swimming In The Middle Of A Lake

Moose stands on shore

(Picture Credit: ABC News)

A six-year-old yellow Labrador named Moose was missing for almost a month after he ran away from a petsitter. But now he’s back home with his owners in Wisconsin after he turned up in an unusual place. A group of four girls on a pontoon boat ride in Lake Pewaukee found the dog bobbing in the water and pulled him out.

Lake Pewaukee

(Picture Credit: ABC News)

The girls saw the pup swimming and knew that eventually he would get tired, so they knew they had to help him. One of the boaters pulled the dog on board, and another fashioned a leash out of some rope use for docking the boat. They took Moose to the police department, and the police brought him to Elmbrook Humane Society.

Moose gets pets

(Picture Credit: ABC News)

Once Moose was at the shelter, workers scanned him for a microchip and found his owners who lived 15 miles from where the dog was found. His owners, in tears, came to pick him up right away. They wondered what the pup had been up to for the past four weeks. He had lost 15 pounds, but was otherwise healthy. This reunion was possible thanks to the pup’s microchip, so remember to get your dog chipped just in case the worst happens!

Are you glad to see that Moose made it home? What do you think he was up to for that whole month? Let us know in the comments below!

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