Jack Russell Terrier In A Life Jacket Saved After Being Lost At Sea For 3 Hours

The dog sleeps on the back of the boat with his life jacket on.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay)

If you fell overboard and were left behind in the Gulf of Mexico with nothing but a life jacket, what would you do? That’s the situation a Jack Russell Terrier found himself in when he disappeared from his owner’s boat. The pup’s orange life jacket was all he had to keep himself afloat, and he managed to tread water, keeping his nose barely above the waves, for three hours before someone found him.

The dog sits on a rescuers lap with a towel wrapped around him.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay)

Four boaters saw the drifting dog’s orange vest and initially thought it was a buoy, but as they got closer they realized it was moving. Luckily they had passed withing ten feet of the dog or they wouldn’t have seen him. They pulled the dog aboard and radioed the Coast Guard who informed them that someone had indeed reported a dog overboard. 

The owner holds his dog on land.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Fox 13 News – Tampa Bay)

The boaters took the dog to the Coast Guard station where the owner came to pick him up. The owner was in tears and shouting “Jagermeister,” which is the dog’s name. The two are lucky to be together again. If you bring your dog to sea, always play it safe. Get a doggy life jacket. Even a strong swimmer can only stay above water for so long. And keep an eye on your pup. You never know what could happen.

What would you do if your dog was lost at sea? Are you surprised that this little pup was found at all? Let us know in the comments below!

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