Hero K9 Bloodhound Tracks And Finds Kidnapped Girl In The Woods

Déjà the four-year-old K9 Bloodhound was called to the mountains of Rancho Cucamonga with her handler, Deputy Sheriff Josh Stone, in response to a call about a girl who had been kidnapped in the area. The girl was dragged into the woods by an unknown man, and the only clues were her dropped purse and some drag marks.

Well, that’s all Déjà needed to solve the case. She got the girl’s scent and went to work. Following her super-sniffer nose, she led police through the woods to a house and sat down at the front door, refusing to leave. That’s because she knew that the kidnapped girl was inside.

Police found the girl and her kidnapper in the home. The kidnapper was arrested and the day was saved thanks to Déjà. Bad guys can run, but they can’t hide from her Bloodhound nose. She’s been working and helping the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department bust criminals and find missing people since 2013. Déjà’s community is lucky to have this hero dog keeping everyone safe.

Does your dog have a super nose like Déjà? Are you glad to have dogs like Déjà protecting our communities? Let us know in the comments below!

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