Missing Boy In Utah Mountains Found Unharmed Thanks To K9 Support

Malachi Bradley, hiked to Paul Lake, in the Uinta Mountains, of Utah with his brother, sister, father and a family friend on Sunday morning. According to Uinta County Sheriff, Vance Norton, at about 10:30 he wanted to explore. Bradley had already caught a fish and got bored and wanted to check out his surroundings. About thirty minutes later, he had not returned. His dad, panicked and called 911 to report the boy missing.

Eighty searchers, an airplane and helicopters, were used in the search, which lasted all day. The ground search was suspended at night so helicopters could use infrared equipment to scan for body heat, which yielded nothing. The following morning, the search resumed.


(Photo Credit: CBS News TV)

It finally ended just before 3:00 pm. K9 units were dispatched and Malachi’s scent was picked up almost immediately. The boy was found unharmed. Unlike the story from last August where, the three year old toddler was missing for eleven days in the Siberian Forest and did not want to speak about her time alone. This kid was excited and could not stop telling people how cool his adventures were and how he hiked almost thirty miles.

I don’t think he will need therapy for this, though parents might.

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