Dog Leads Rescuers To Senior Owner Who Fell In The Woods

guy is a small white dog

(Picture Credit: 16 WNEP)

When a senior man went for a hike in the woods of Pennsylvania with his dog, Guy, he had no idea that his pup would end up saving his life. The 79-year-old man fell and hit his head, lying trapped on an embankment for 12 hours, far from anyone who could help. A 911 call alerted police to his general area, but they couldn’t find him until Guy saved the day.

the embankment where guy's owner was found

(Picture Credit: 16 WNEP)

The rescue crews had been looking for three hours without a sign of the elderly man when they heard Guy barking. The dog had left his owner’s side to get help and was leading them to the embankment. The rescuers initially thought that it was too steep to climb, but Guy led them along a safe path, stopping every 20-30 feet to make sure they were still behind him. Finally, they found Guy’s owner and loaded him up to carry him, all the while with Guy trailing at their feet.

guy stands next to police cruiser

(Picture Credit: 16 WNEP)

Guy’s owner stayed in the hospital while the dog spent some time with the family of a volunteer firefighter. The pup refused to eat at first, but eventually had some food. He was happy to be reunited with his owner a short time later. He’s a hero, and without him, his owner might not have ever been found. Hopefully Guy’s getting plenty of love and treats as a reward.

Would your dog rescue you if you were stranded in the woods? Would you follow a barking dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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