New Jersey Senate Wants To Make Pet Stores Sell Rescue Animals Only

Golden retriever puppy in pet shop window.

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Puppy mills are a dog lover’s worst nightmare. They’re facilities that force dogs to breed so they can crank out puppies to sell. These mills don’t care about the welfare of the animals, and conditions are often disgusting. They also flood the market with new pets, so shelter dogs have a harder time finding homes and end up being euthanized. Now the New Jersey state senate is taking a stand against these facilities by passing a new bill.

Senate Chamber of the New Jersey State House, Trenton, USA

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The bill would ban the sale of animals in pet stores unless they came from a rescue organization or a shelter. It would end the sale of puppy mill dogs in the state. Senator Raymond Lesniak introduced the bill in the hopes that it would stop mass breeding for profit, the inhumane conditions of the mills, and the inbreeding, neglect, and mistreatment that hurt so many of these dogs. 

Puppies at a rescue shelter. Quite a sad expression on the middle puppy.

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The next step is for the bill to pass into the state Assembly where it will be debated, though we hope that this is an issue where there is no need for a debate. Puppy mills sell animals without regard for their well-being. There is no need for them to exist while shelters are already overcrowded with beautiful dogs looking for forever homes. Hopefully, the Assembly will do the right thing and make this bill a law.

Do you support this bill that would bring an end to puppy mills? Do you have similar laws where you live, or would you like to see puppy mill bans everywhere? Let us know in the comments below!

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