Logger Finds 17-Year-Old Dog Alone In A Remote Forest Area

Logger Jake Higgins, was working in a remote stretch of forest, near Conway, New Hampshire, when he came across a dog wandering around by himself.

He got in touch with Conway Area Humane Society and alerted them to the situation.

Higgins led volunteers back to where he last saw the dog and as luck would have it, he was still there. Although not doing too well, he seemed happy to see a human.

Rescuers learned that his name was Rocky and he was a 17 year old beloved family pet, who was very missed. Turned out he disappeared weeks before, trying to escape the sound of fireworks. His family had been searching for him and he most likely would have died alone in the mountains if it weren’t for a few compassionate people.

Please remember to take precautions around the 4th of July and never blow off fire crackers or fire works around any animals.

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Wag of the tail to The Dodo.