Dog Left Outside Animal Shelter That Has Been Closed For Over A Year

A malnourished Pit Bull was found tied to a pole outside of an animal shelter that had been closed for over a year in Lubbock, Texas.

Whitney Turrentine was traveling for work, when she spotted the dog and pulled her car over. She said the dog was wagging her tail and seemed happy to see her.

Turrentine named the dog Gracie then took her to the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center. Laci Holcombe of Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue told the media “we haven’t been able to take dogs in for over a year now because we are full where we keep them.” Thanks to social media they were able to find Gracie a foster family that saved her life.

She is believed to have been used for breeding and then starved before being discarded at the shelter. Now thanks to a few nice people intervening, Gracie is on her way to better life.

If you’re interested in adopting Grace or another dog, visit Saving Grace Pit Bull Rescue!

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