Terrified Shaking Pit Bull: Rescued And Happy

A little Pit Bull mix was living on the streets of a residential area of Los Angeles. She was scared of people and would not let anyone near. Hope For Paws founder Eldad Hagar and volunteers, Julie Maigret and Lisa Arturo stepped in to try to get her off the streets.

When they arrived it was cold and raining and the dog was taking shelter in a garage. As soon as she saw people approach, she tried to bolt. They used a soccer net and snare to keep her from escaping. She was so scared she began to shake uncontrollably.

Julie had been feeding the pup a few weeks prior, hoping to gain some trust, but this small pit bull was not going to be won over so easily.

It would take at least another hour.

As soon as she got to the hospital for a check, her sweet lovable self, started coming out. Now called Eden, watch the video to see her dramatic turn around.

Eden is available for adoption through ChewsLife.org


Small Dog Living On The Streets Of Los Angeles Rescued