Hope For Paws: Dog Nearly Hit By Cars While Avoiding Capture [VIDEO]

woman reaches for dog

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

Hope For Paws was contacted about a homeless dog living near a park in Los Angeles. No one really knows how he wound up in this very busy residential area. It’s possible someone dumped him.

One thing we do know about the pup is that he did not trust humans. Rescuer Loreta Frankonyte tried to gain his trust with food.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

He took the burger and told her she could keep the trap. (Not in words, of course.) Then he took off.

The Chase Is On

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The rescuers were beginning to see just how much this pup distrusted humans. He ran into traffic several times, almost getting himself killed.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

They grew very worried about his safety. The team decided to follow from a distance for fear he would get hit by a car.

Thankfully, he trapped himself in a little patio area and Hagar and Frankonyte were able to toss a net over him.

Caught, But For The Best

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

The dog tried to free himself from the net a few times. Then, he resigned himself to capture. You can see in his eyes that he has no idea what is happening, and fear of the unknown can be the most frightening. His look (above) says it all. It makes me so sad. But things were about to start getting much better.

He was named Raffi on the spot.

Raffi Feels The Love

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

They gave him some pats and tried to reassure him that he was in a very good place.

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

He got a bath and vet checked. Next on his list is finding a fur-ever family!

(Picture Credit: Hope For Paws)

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Raffi or another dog in need of a family, please contact Smooch Pooch Rescue. There are so many dogs in need of families and too few families in need of dogs.

I’m so glad that Raffi is off the streets and not running through traffic. Poor little guy. Life on the streets could not be easy. I can’t imaging having to scrounge to find food and water, then having to avoid the people that hurt homeless animals.

This pup was so distrusting of people, which is completely understandable. He’s now getting a lot of love and socialization, and he’s learning to trust.

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