2 Sweet Pit Bulls Rescued From Truck Yard By Hope For Paws [VIDEO]

2 homeless Pit Bulls had been living in a truck yard for 6 months, and surviving on scraps. Hope for Paws stepped in to help get them off the street. With volunteers from the US, UK, Australia, and Costa Rica, the stray dogs were fenced into a small area. The male dog was so nervous he began shaking when they got a leash on him. The volunteers were able to get leashes on both dogs but sat with them for a while, because they seemed frightened. So began the slow process of learning to trust.

Christened with new names, Lois and Clark were carried to vehicles and taken to a veterinary. They seem very attached and are available for adoption through LA Animal Rescue where hopefully they will be adopted together.

Please share so they may find a loving furever home. Here is there rescue video. When you see how fearful these dogs are of humans and how much love they have for each other, you might need a tissue. I did.

Visit Hope For Paws online for more rescues and info.

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