Scared Golden Retriever Covers Eyes Like A Frightened Child During Rescue [VIDEO]

(Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Life on the streets can be a horrifying experience for an abandoned dog. Industrial areas are full of so many scary sounds, people and things and sadly that’s where one lost and very scared dog found herself. People working in the area had seen the homeless dog and tried to help her. They made sure she had food and water but she was so spooked that no one could get near her. That’s when Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo from Hope for Paws were called in. They made several unsuccessful attempts to find the Golden Retriever and it was on the fifth try that they finally spotted the elusive stray.

When the dog saw rescuers approaching, she immediately ran to her usual hiding spot, a crawl space under a giant metal shipping container.

Hagar and Arturo crawled under the shipping container and with lots of love, patience and a little teamwork they were able to get a snare around the frightened pup’s neck.

Canines are capable of feeling a wide range of emotions like, anger, joy and fear. This pup’s reaction is so heartbreaking. She became so distressed during the rescue that she covered her eyes with her paws like a frightened child might do.

Hagar easily could have pulled her to him and comforted her using the lead around her neck, but he was so moved by her reaction that he crawled toward her and gave her some reassuring strokes to the head. Sometimes a little compassion goes a long way with a frightened dog. He then, very slowly and very methodically, pulled her out of her hiding spot as gently as he could. Anytime she would resist, he would calmly and lovingly speak to her. She seemed to understand Eldad and feel comforted by his words and gentle actions.

She even decided to make their job a little easier by crawling out of the last portion of the crawl space on her own. Upon emerging she was given the name Clarabelle. Next is a bath and visit to the vet.

Whatever her traumatic past was, thankfully is well behind her and she is thriving in her foster home.

Clarabelle is available for adoption through Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue.

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