Golden Retriever Stuck In Sinkhole For Two Days Rescued By Firefighters

A Golden Retriever is visible at the bottom of a deep sinkhole.

(Picture Credit: Alpha Fire Company – Facebook)

Skye, a Golden Retriever, is probably happy to see the sky again after falling into a sinkhole that was 14 feet deep and only about 15 inches across. She was trapped there for two days before firefighters arrived on the scene and pulled her out. Luckily, she rejoined the above ground world healthy and without injury. 

The whole thing started when Skye’s owners took her for a walk at The Arboretum at Penn State. They decided to let Skye run and play off leash for a little while, but when she didn’t come back they started to worry. Skye was nowhere to be found, even into the night hours. The owners found out from neighbors that sinkholes are common around The Arboretum, and when they returned they heard a faint barking from under ground.  

Campus police helped stabilize the hole and the Alpha Fire Company arrived on the scene. With their equipment and training, they managed to get Skye out within a half hour. She was a little muddy, but other than that she was in good health and happy to be reunited with her owners. The hole will be filled in so that no one else falls down and gets hurt. I’d encourage anyone who walks their dogs to keep them on leash at all times. It’s not just a matter of being well behaved or conscious of other animals and vehicles. Sometimes accidents happen, and they could be prevented by obeying leash laws. 

Do you think you could survive being in a sinkhole for that long? Are you glad firefighters are equipped to handle these situations? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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