Dog Survives Being Buried Alive For 72 Hours In A Sinkhole

Maverick is a German Shepherd Dog with a will to live. He may have the nine lives of a cat, as he’s survived being hit by a car and walking into a raccoon trap. But his latest survival story is his most shocking. Maverick disappeared from his home after walking through his invisible fence. His family looked everywhere for him, but for three days he was nowhere to be found. On the third day, Maverick’s owner, Lisa Van Valkenburgh, heard a noise coming from under the ground as she walked along a road near her house.

The sound was a faint howl from Maverick. At first Van Valkenburgh thought the dog was in a ditch trapped in a drain pipe, but then she noticed a sinkhole at the side of the road. The dog had fallen head-first, five feet down and another five feet sideways and was unable to escape. Maverick’s family came to try to dig him out, but they feared the ground around the sinkhole would collapse and completely bury him. So they called the fire department to send out a rescue crew.

The rescue crew had to dig to release the suction of the clay around Maverick. When they pulled him free, he was in rough shape. A tooth had punctured his lip in the fall, he was severely dehydrated, and he had swallowed a lot of clay. They rushed Maverick to the hospital where he spent three days recovering. Luckily, he pulled through and was able to return home. His invisible fence has been traded for a tethered leash.

Do you keep an eye on your dog when you let him out? How do you make sure your dog doesn’t wander too far and get hurt? Let us know in the comments below!

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