Depressed Dog Near Death Rescued From Romanian Dog Pound

Howl of a Dog shared the incredible story of Theia. She was an emaciated dog covered in fleas and ticks and living in a city pound in Romania. Her spirits were broken and she seemed to have lost all hope. Then one day, she was rescued and the gates to a new life opened for her.

After 2 months of intensive medical care, she is no longer recognizable as the sickly dog she was. She has doubled her weight and once again looks like a happy healthy black Labrador mix.

Howl of a Dog writes:

“It’s been now 8 months since we saved Theia, she has become a part of our family and we cannot imagine life without her. We rescued her and she rescued us.”

“There are millions of dogs like Theia waiting for a chance in shelters from all over the world. Sadly, many of them never get to know the love of a forever family. Please consider adopting a shelter dog: he will give you in exchange his loyalty, unconditional love and infinite gratefulness for being his savior.”

I have to agree with that. Adopting shelter dogs will also help put an end to puppy farms and dog mills.

Thanks Howl Of A Dog for your inspiring work and powerful videos and messages.


Fearful Romanian Street Dog Gets New Life In Canada