Dog Hit By 13 Trains Is A Living Miracle – Amazing Story Of Survival

In Kuna Idaho, a 14 month old Pit Bull mix is lucky to be alive after escaping from his yard recently. The Rossi family was devastated and drove around desperately searching for their beloved family member. At 8pm they got a call from a vet. The owner explained:

“We got a terrifying call that Loki was in intensive care after being hit earlier in the day by a train, if that wasn’t bad enough our poor boy was thought to be dead and left there where he was ran over by 13 more trains and only noticed when the same conductor came thru a second time and Loki lifted his head, showing life.”

The dog was hit at approximately 10:30 am. When the conductor came through again at 4:30 pm he noticed the dog lift his head and that’s when he immediately called for help. Loki was rushed to West Vet, Veterinary Clinic in Boise Idaho, where he immediately started receiving care. The family arrived expecting to say a difficult goodbye to the severely injured dog.

“Walking through the door to love him and say good bye my husband Ryan and I reached to pet and love him up and he smiled.. that silly, loving boy was still in there. We decided as a family that if Loki can make it through what he had.. who are we to not give him a fighting chance. We are determined to do just that and do what is necessary to bring him home.”

Loki lost an eye, tail and a leg. He has also suffered severe head trauma and will be needing daily vet visits, but is doing pretty good for a dog that was hit by over a dozen trains. The family is grateful to the outpouring of support that has helped with his vet bills. Loki is back home and learning how to get around on 3 legs.