George Clooney Adopts A Dog Nobody Wanted

George Clooney is a busy man. He recently adopted a new dog, and he has a movie coming out next week, and he just adopted another dog!

Amal And George Clooney Bring A Shelter Dog Into Their Family


(Picture Credit: LuvFurMuttsRescue on Facebook)


The new dog named Nate was adopted from Luv Fur Mutts Rescue in Ohio.

Nate, a small Terrier, came to the rescue from a hoarding situation. Nate was born with a birth defect. He has a barrel chest and a leg that swayed. He kinda walked like a Hyena according to the rescue. He was under weight. He didn’t look like the other dogs. Luv Fur Mutts explains…

When we took Nate to adoption events, people would stare and kids would point. Several people applied to adopt him but then said no when they met him. He was with us 9 months. The lowest point came when an adopter cried when she met him and said she would be depressed the rest of her life if she had to look at him every day. Why could they not see what we saw in him? A handsome, charming, sweet and normal little boy. Little did we know someone had been ogling over him for a while watching his videos and reading his profile and Nate was about to get a very special Christmas surprise!

George Clooney and his mom Nina had been following Nate online and watching his videos on YouTube.

George picked Nate out, then showed him to his Mom, Nina, on YouTube. She watched his video over and over and she fell in love. He then asked his Father Nick how he felt about the way Nate walks and he replied “I guess it sounds like he gets around just as good as we do anymore.” Their terrier of ten years had died recently and it seemed that George had a feeling they were ready for a new furry friend.

George and his wife Amal secretly made arrangements with the rescue to adopt Nate for his parents and Nate was delivered on Christmas Eve.

Nina cried a little when she opened the door and Nate was put into her arms. She was very surprised. She cried a little again when she read the card from George, Amal and Angel saying they wanted her to have Nate to enjoy Christmas with.

They could have any dog in the world but they chose to adopt a dog who was crippled and could have been with LuvFurMutts for life.

The rescue expressed their gratitude to George and Amal and the whole family. Clooney made a donation to the rescue that more than covered all of Nate’s previous surgery expenses.

Congratulations to all involved, especially Nate!