Amal And George Clooney Adopt A Shelter Dog Into Their Family

It was only a month ago that Millie, a four-year-old Basset Hound, was found on the streets outside of a café in San Gabriel, California begging for scraps and brought to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. Now she’s living the celebrity life as Amal and George Clooney have adopted the pup into their family.

George Clooney sits holding Millie, a Basset Hound, while Amal Clooney kneels next to him holding the leash for Louie, a tan dog.

(Photo Credit: San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Facebook Page)

The Clooneys found Millie on Petfinder, which connected them to the Humane Society. The couple then paid Millie a visit and brought their dog Louie, also a rescue dog, to make sure Millie would get along with him. They spent an hour and a half playing with the new pup and making sure she would make a good fit for their family.

That was all it took for Millie to go from street dog to stardom. She’s happy to be a part of the Clooney family with her famous parents and her furry brother. Too many celebrities go with breeders to get purebred dogs, so it’s great that the Clooneys are setting an amazing example by reaching out to a pup in need.

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