German Shepherd Abandoned: Amazing Dramatic Desert Rescue

Dogs are such amazing creatures and loyal to a fault. It seems that when dogs are abandoned, they cling to hope that their owner will return for them.

A beautiful, white German Shepherd was abandoned in the middle of a desert and was drinking sewage water to stay alive. She waited day after day for her human to come back for her near a road where cars sped by. The cars came and went and nobody stopped for this beautiful dog. But some compassionate people took notice of her and set out to rescue her. For four months, Barbie Henderson, Robin Smith, and Tracy McDaneld, had been feeding the homeless dog and trying to get her off the street. She wouldn’t let anyone close enough to touch her. Humane traps didn’t work. It seemed hopeless.

Hope For Paws was called and stepped in to offer assistance. With temperatures over 100 degrees and another freezing night on the horizon, desperate times were calling for desperate measures. As an absolute last ditch effort to help, the dog–now named Venus–was darted with a tranquilizer and rushed to a mobile vet that was on stand by.

She was bathed and vetted and is just starting to get use to her new surroundings. Please share and help Venus find a new loving furever home!

To adopt Venus visit:

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