Town In Italy Switches To Silent Fireworks To Reduce Anxiety In Animals

Colorful fireworks explode over a river next to a town in Italy.

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If you’re a dog parent, there’s probably one thing you dread about holidays like New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July. Fireworks scare dogs.

Imagine you have no idea what fireworks are. Suddenly you see bright lights and hear explosions coming from the sky. You’d be pretty terrified, too.

Fireworks can wreak havoc on animals, and vet visits skyrocket around holidays where fireworks are common. Dogs, with their sensitive hearing, are especially vulnerable, and many hurt themselves trying to escape or hide. They can run and risk getting lost or hit by cars.

One town in Italy is taking a big step to reduce the fear of fireworks in their non-human population. The local government of Collecchio made a law that fireworks in their town must be silent.

It’s a way of reducing the stress that the loud noises cause to animals — not just pets, but wildlife, as well. There’s a company called Setti Fireworks that makes these silent explosives and can customize them for each event.

A black and brown dog lies on his side with his paw covering his eyes.

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Anything that reduces the amount of stress that my dogs feel around holidays is a good thing in my book. Loud noises can cause heart problems, nausea, and even panic attacks for pets.

I’ve spent many holidays comforting my shaking dogs, trying to turn up the radio to drown out noises, and keeping them calm.

I always enjoy the lights more than the sounds of fireworks anyway.

What do you think? Would you support noiseless fireworks to help keep animals safe? Or do you think the loud sounds are necessary to enjoy fireworks? Let us know in the comments below.


Hello DogTime readers and visitors,

Every year around major holidays, we see this article, originally written in 2016, getting shared around the internet by fans and friends who appreciate that Collecchio switched to a form of celebration that shows more concern for our animal friends and environment.

While we’re happy for the enthusiasm and support, I’d like to take some time to clear up some misconceptions that have been brought to our attention.

As noted by Snopes, the term “silent fireworks” can be misleading. The fireworks mentioned here are not completely silent. They are, however, much quieter than many fireworks that we typically use.

The explosions are also usually not as grand and visually impressive as the fireworks used in large city celebrations tend to be. But they can be more colorful and appropriate for smaller gatherings.

Regardless, DogTime fully supports finding more ethical, humane ways to live our lives. Quieter fireworks can be less disruptive to wildlife, those who suffer from noise sensitivity and conditions like PTSD, and our pets.

We hope that continuing to share this article will show just how much demand there is for products like silent fireworks, and that this demand will encourage companies to make better, quieter versions of them.

We firmly believe we can celebrate in ways that express our joy without causing harm to other humans, our ecosystem, and especially our dogs. Thank you to everyone who supports that belief and wants to keep their pets safe.