Italian IKEA Opens Doors To Homeless Dogs In Winter

An IKEA in Catania, Italy reportedly opened its doors to the homeless dogs of the area for the winter months. Employees provide food, water, and toys, as well as much love and affection. Many of the pups have found homes with the IKEA staff now, too.

by Beth Meadows
November 26th

Dog loses owner, still attends church

In Italy, a dog owner who took her pooch to daily mass passed away, but that didn’t stop the dog, who still attends service every day when the church bells ring.

by DogTime
January 22nd, 2014

Italians reject dog and cat tax

A day doesn’t seem to go by without hearing about the economic turmoil overseas. As countries try to get their fiscal houses in order, they’re inevitably looking at ways to boost revenue through taxation.One proposed tax increase in Italy, however, met with such an uproar, it was withdrawn the same day it was announced – […]

by DogTime
May 23rd, 2012
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