Owners Caught Dumping Their Dog On Camera Issued Citation

In Kansas City, MO a surveillance camera that was meant to catch illegal dumpers, caught something else that was not expected. While looking through surveillance footage, codes officer, Alan Ashhurst discovered the disturbing images of a dog shoved from an SUV, the vehicle pulling away, and the dog chasing after the auto. 

The photos were sent to Kansas City Animal Health and Public Safety Officer, Eron Dawkins. Upon viewing the images, he realized that over the course of 8 days, the dog was still showing up in the pictures. 

Realizing the dog was still there, Dawkins immediately went to the site with a live trap. He found the dog and said the trap was not needed and the hungry dog approached him willingly. This very happy and grateful looking, pit mix, has since been adopted and appears to be holding no grudges. 

If you do not want or can no longer care for an animal please do not dump them like this, please take them to an animal shelter. You may think this is a kinder option, but it is not. This beautiful dog was adopted quickly.

The owner of this dog was found and issued citations for dumping the dog.

Do you think a citation is enough punishment for this kind of act?

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