Dog Spends Entire Weekend Staring At A Fish Tank And Refuses To Look Away

A French Bulldog in pink polka-dot pajamas sits in front of a fish tank.

(Picture Credit: Reddit – emikeii)

We’ve all spent a weekend in our pajamas staring at the television. Well Sophie the French Bulldog has a similar approach to vegging out for a few days. She spent Christmas weekend in her jammies, perched on an ottoman, gazing intently at a fish tank. It was the doggy version of a Netflix binge, and Sophie refused to look away, even for food.


(Picture Credit: Reddit – emikeii)

Sophie’s owner posted the photos to Reddit via Imgur. The pictures show Sophie absolutely mesmerized. When her ottoman is moved, she simply adjusts her angle to get a better view. When her owner puts a towel over the fish tank, she sticks her head under it giving her a personal theater. Nothing stops the fish tank marathon.

Sophie sticks her head under the towel covering the fish tank.

(Picture Credit: Reddit – emikeii)

I can relate to Sophie’s commitment. I’ve certainly had my own binge watch fests, foregoing food and social activity just to plow along to the next episode. Apparently fish are like Breaking Bad for some dogs. What do you think? Have you ever spent a weekend in your pj’s watching your favorite show? Let us know in the comments below.

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