The Internet’s Newest Ridiculous Debate: How Would A Dog Wear Pants?

A drawing of two dogs. One wears pants that cover his hind quarters and one wears pants that cover all four legs and leave the back exposed. The caption reads, "If a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or like this?"

(Picture Credit: Reddit via Imgur)

The internet regularly engages in absurd, pointless debates. You may remember the blue-black vs. white-gold dress debate of February 2015, which, despite obviously being blue and black, caused people to lose their minds on social media going back and forth about who saw what colors. Well it seems 2015 has one more ridiculous argument to settle before the end of the year. If a dog wore pants, how would he wear them?

The question went viral after a picture was posted to Reddit via Imgur. The person who made the post titled it, “Only baffling question I’ve ever come across on Facebook.” Now the internet is being torn asunder yet again. Certainly there are compelling arguments on both sides, if you find the mention of dogs’ private parts compelling. Some have even suggested that female dogs wear the pants as described in the first part of the image, while male dogs wear pants as pictured in the second part of the image. Still other more creative minds have come up with completely new solutions to the problem.

Two dogs have different designs of pants, one that covers all legs and some of the back, one that has two sets of pants, one for the front legs and one for the back.

(Picture Credit: Imgur)

Obviously the correct option is the second way to wear pants in the original image, otherwise how would a dog wear a shirt? No one just goes walking around in pants and no shirt unless you’re Chris Evans or you’re from a part of the world wear the policy is “no shirt, no shoes, no problem.” How do you think a dog should wear pants? Let us know in the comments below, or just sit this one out and wait for the next silly internet debate.

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