Manatee Watches Over Scared Dog Until Police Save Him

When a Pit Bull fell into a Florida river, he found himself trapped and unable to climb the wall along the bank to safety. Scared and panicked, he was left floundering about until rescue could arrive. But he didn’t have to wait alone. A gentle manatee swam to the frightened dog and kept him company throughout the ordeal.

A manatee can be seen below the surface next to a dog clinging to the wall on the river bank.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tampa Police Department)

The Tampa Police Department arrived on the scene to rescue the pup from the water, and one officer snapped a picture of the large, drifting shape beneath the surface. Once the dog was out of the water, he was overjoyed to be reunited with his family. He had some scrapes and bruises from trying to climb the wall, but she was healthy.

A worker climbs a ladder out of the river with the Pit Bull tucked under his arm.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tampa Police Department)


We’ll never know for sure what the manatee was doing there. But I like to think that she sensed the distress of a fellow animal and wanted to provide comfort to the scared dog. Sometimes kindness transcends species, and these two creatures from different worlds found each other.

The Pit Bull greets his family on his hind legs.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Tampa Police Department)

What do you think? Was the manatee there to keep the dog company? Let us know in the comments below.

Wag of the tail to BarkPost for reporting the story.