Dog Shoots The Pizza Delivery Guy With A Gun

A small Chihuahua sits in a pizza box next to a pizza.

(Picture Credit: Shutterstock)

It sounds like a joke or an urban legend, but it really happened. A pizza delivery driver in Toledo, Ohio was dropping off an order when he was shot by a dog. While he was standing at the door accepting payment from the home owner, Anthony Wulf, a bullet hit him in the leg. Apparently Wulf’s dog had knocked a gun off the table, and it discharged as it hit the ground. This happened on a street called Rambo Lane. I am not making any of this up.

Ten Americans in the past decade have been shot by dogs. Some have been on hunting trips, some have been in cars, and a good portion have been in the state of Florida. And these are only the incidents that are actually reported. Regardless of where you stand on gun control issues, I think we can all agree that leaving a loaded weapon with the safety off in reach of an animal is incredibly stupid and dangerous.

Wulf is lucky that no one was killed and that the delivery guy is expected to make a full recovery. The situation could have been much worse. Dogs and guns don’t mix. If you must own a gun, make sure it is kept in a location that can’t be easily accessed by a curious or excited pet. Honestly, if you are dumb enough to put your pet and others in that much danger, you probably shouldn’t own a gun.

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