Pizza-Loving Dog Almost Burns Down House

I love pizza, but I’ve never come close to burning down a house to get some. Brookfield, on the other hand, is willing to throw caution to the wind to get at those sweet, sweet slices. The black Labrador Retriever could smell the cheesy goodness that his owners left in the kitchen and almost set the house on fire to get it.

Security camera footage shows a man grabbing a burning pizza box off of the kitchen stove. A dog watches from the hallway.

(Picture Credit: YouTube)

While his owners were in the other room, Brookfield wandered into the kitchen and went straight for the pizza that was left on top of the stove. In his effort to snatch a piece, his paws pressed against the knobs that control the burners, and he set the cardboard pizza box on fire. Luckily the pup’s owners dashed into the kitchen and put out the flame before it got out of control. The incident was caught on the monitor that the owners installed to keep an eye on the dogs, though it didn’t seem to stop Brookfield from causing mayhem this time.

Don’t Let Your Dog Set House Fires

It’s lucky that no one got hurt, humans or dogs, but it could have been much worse. If you have a dog who loves to go for people food, make sure you don’t place morsels in a dangerous place that can cause problems, like on top of a stove, near a radiator, by electronics, or close to sharp objects like kitchen knives. Also, a simple pet gate could keep the dogs out of the kitchen and away from food. There are plenty of pet gates on AMAZON that you can buy right now. Keep an eye on your dogs, especially if you are going to leave food out, and know their abilities and habits.

Has your dog ever caused trouble to get food? Let us know in the comments below.

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