For the love of Shar Pei

For some people it’s Pugs. For some it’s Bulldogs. For me, it’s Shar Peis. You know, the breed you just can’t explain why you find them so darn adorable.

Piggy had even less going for her than most when she arrived at the shelter. Entropion, a serious eye condition, rendered her nearly unable to open her eyelids. But her wiggly, waggly butt did all the talking–and she was a ferocious licker. We connected, and my Shar Pei fetish was sealed.

When I visited the shelter last week, Piggy had just come out of surgery. My eyes stung with tears to see hers so raw and red looking. But she greeted me with as much squirmy affection as ever. As if she could suddenly see what I’d hope for her all along: a bright future.

And as deserved, this little piglet went to Adoptions.

Interested in Piggy Sue? Contact the Santa Fe Humane Society.

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