Rescued Shelter Dog Added To Iowa Police K-9 Unit

A black mixed-breed dog stands next to a police officer.

(Picture Credit: Indystar)

Looking at Bosco, you might have a hard time telling what mix of breeds make up his ancestry. In fact, no one knows exactly where Bosco came from. He was found as a puppy wandering the hills of Kentucky before being brought to a shelter in Indiana. But the mysterious circumstances behind his early life led him to exactly the right place at the right time.

A K-9 trainer working with the police department in Ankeny, Iowa knew that they were in need of a dog with a good sniffer after several missing persons cases involving seniors with Alzheimer’s and children with Autism. And Bosco just so happened to be the perfect pup for the job. Bosco’s adoption likely saved the dog’s life.

Bosco sniffs at some plants in a stone planter.

(Picture Credit: Indystar)

Whatever breeds are in Bosco’s blood make him an excellent tracker. The Police department initially worked to raise $20K in donations from the public for the dog’s training and ended up raising $30K instead. Bosco is still very much a puppy with playful tendencies, but his officers say that once he’s in the squad car, he’s all business and wants to get to work. He’ll be involved in tracking missing persons and drug detection in his coming career.

It’s really amazing what can happen when you give a shelter dog a chance. Now this pup will be able to help people in need after his life was saved. We hope to see plenty more dog adoptions where dogs can have a long, happy career and life.

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