10 Videos Of Dogs Welcoming Their Soldier Dads Home

It is the time of year to honor the men and women that serve our country. I cannot even comprehend the sacrifices that they make every day. They have to spend weeks, months, or years apart from their families, including their dogs. So it’s no wonder that our veterans’ furry companions are so happy to see them when they return. Here are some heartwarming videos of soldiers as they are reunited with their best friends in honor of Veterans Day.

1. Dog Sees Dad After 6 Months

This sweet girl cannot stop squealing and shaking when her daddy comes home after being gone for 6 months.

2. Poodle Welcomes Soldier Dad Home

That’s one patriotic little Poodle!

3. Pit Bull Welcomes Dad Home

After 2 whole agonizing weeks, this Pit Bull is happy to see daddy.

4. German Shepherd Welcomes Soldier Dad Home

He appears like a magician!

5. Boxer Welcomes Soldier Dad Home

Look at that sweet little Boxer tail stub wagging furiously!

6. Shepherd Welcomes Dad Home From Afghanistan

Lots of big shepherd hugs for daddy!

7. Three-legged Dog Welcomes Soldier Dad Home

Cocoa the three-legged dog patiently awaits her daddy’s return.

8. Excited Little Dog Welcomes Soldier Home

That’s a happy little dog!

9. Samoyed Welcomes Dad Home

Everyone should get a welcome like that when they come home!

10. Daddy’s Home!

Love the parking lot surprise!

Do you have other videos of dogs welcoming their soldiers home? Share them in the comments below.

Thanks to all who serve our country. Have a great Veterans Day!