Soldier Adopts The Military Dog Who Saved His life In Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald is in civilian clothes kneeling next to Layka the German Shepherd in a field.

(Photo Credit: YouTube – National Geographic)

Every soldier has a job to do, even the dogs who serve in our military. When handler Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald sent Layka, a Belgian Malinois military dog, ahead of the platoon into a dangerous building, she did her job. Even though she was shot four times at point blank range, she still managed to subdue her shooter and save the lives of McDonald and the rest of the soldiers.

Layka was in rough shape, but after seven hours of surgery and an amputated leg, she survived. It was then that McDonald knew that he had to give back to the dog who was so willing to give her life for his. He worked hard to adopt the retired pup into his family despite warnings that Layka’s military career had left her too aggressive to be a family pet.

McDonald bends down to pet Layka in his backyard.

(Photo Credit: YouTube – National Geographic)

When McDonald brought Layka home, she immediately lied down in front of his one-year-old son and let him crawl on top of her to play. Now she’s become the perfect family dog and loves having a home where she can chase all the tennis balls she wants without having to sniff out a bomb.

With Veterans Day on the way, it’s important to honor our troops and the animals who serve alongside them. They all deserve a peaceful life of retirement after laying down their lives for us.

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