When bullies are sweeties

Hard to believe there are still those who insist that the “bully breeds” are a vicious lot. Today at the shelter was all about them – Pitties, Staffies, and even a Bull Terrier. Their only aggressive aspect was their ferocious charm; their only commonality, the green dot on their kennel card, indicating they’d been evaluated and are safe to interact with.

Bronx, the brindle, pretends to be shy indoors. Once he’s out in the park, however, he leaps and gallops with all the zest of… well… a happy, well-adjusted dog.

The brown and white spotted male stays close, but veers off the path each time he catches sight or scent of a bird. Every so often we stop for a pet. (I do the petting, he calmly accepts.)

And the Bull Terrier is just plain goofy. He inspects the bushes and trees carefully before marking. When he’s finished, his hind legs paw at the ground sending bits of rock and dirt flying in all directions.

I’d take each one if I could. And not just to prove that this is what gentle, friendly, affectionate dogs look like.

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