They Thought Their Dog Was Dead: Zeus Update!

Zeus the dog, whose family thought him dead, made a cross country drive home after he tested positive for heartworm and was deemed unfit to fly.

To recap: The Harworths are a military family who were living in Georgia with their dog Zeus. Re-assignment to Korea forced them to leave Zeus behind with friends. A call came a few months later with news that their dog had died. Years later and back in the United States, they got a call from someone telling them that Zeus had been found. When the smoke cleared they learned that their dog was not dead at all and was, in fact, alive and well and on the other side of the country.


It’s been nearly a month in the making, but Zeus finally made it home. Many people are credited with getting the dog reunited with his rightful owners. Michelle Williams, a compassionate animal lover, found the dog and is responsible for getting his microchip scanned. Banfield Animal hospital took care of all the medical needs, and Rachel Overby drove him three thousand miles, from Raleigh North Carolina to Washington State.

When Zeus arrived he was greeted with “Welcome Home” banners, teary eyes and thunder! Very appropriate for a dog named Zeus, the mythical God of thunder and sky.

As far as the family friends that told the Harworths that their dog died, I’ve heard nothing more about that part of the story, but I can’t get my mind off of it. It’s the first question anybody asks when they read the blog post. If you have more info on that part of the story, we’d love to know because we are as perplexed as anybody else as to why someone would tell this family their dog was dead.

At least Zeus, who was found wandering the streets and not looking too well, is in full health, and reunited with his true family.

You can read the original story and see video here:

They Thought Their Dog Was Dead Until They Got A Call