They Thought Their Dog Was Dead Until They Got A Call

Dog lover and owner, Laura Williams found a distressed dog wandering her Durham, North Carolina neighborhood. She wanted to see if he needed some help, and cautiously approached. The dog was very friendly and even let her put a leash on him and then jumped in her car.

(Photo Credit: YouTube Video)

She took him to her vet, where his microchip was scanned. That is where she learned that his name was Zeus and he was not a stray, he was actually lost. She called his family, who were now living in Washington to let them know she just picked up their dog, but was told that the Zeus had died three years prior.

Zeus’ family, the Harworths are a military family and were living in Georgia in 2012. They were reassigned to Korea and Zeus went to stay with friends in South Carolina. A few months later, for reasons unknown, the Harworths were told their dog had passed away. Thanks to his microchip they just learned that their family dog, a Chow, Rottweiler, German Shepherd mix, is in fact alive.

Williams reached out to local news anchor Sean Mahoney, who has been hugely instrumental in helping get Zeus reunited with his family. Zeus was just diagnosed heartworm positive, so he will no longer be able to fly. Arrangements are currently being made for him to travel home, via ground transportation. Banfield Pet Hospital has locations all across the country and is graciously covering all of his medical costs.

Here is a video of Zeus skyping with his family for the first time in years.

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