Dog Abuser Gets 15 Years Maximum Sentence

(Photo Credit: Sacramento Superior Court)

Bubba, a Pit Bull was removed from the property of Robert Lee Brian in October 2013. The canine had suffered abuse at the hands of his owner and had a fractured snout, skull and trauma to his face. He also had chemical burns and as a result has lost sight in one eye.

(Photo Credit: Sacramento Superior Court)

After seizing the dog and inspecting the property, the remains of three more dogs were found. One of the dogs was not too far along in the decomposition phase to find abuse was attributed to his death. That was factored into the sentence.

Less than six months later, Sacramento Superior Court Judge, Steve White handed down the maximum sentence allowed. Robert Lee Brian received fifteen years and six months for felony animal abuse.

(Photo Credit: Sacramento Superior Court)

Bubba has since made a nearly full recovery.

We are so happy to see these animal abusers getting stiffer sentences. Spread the word, if you abuse an animal, you’re going to be punished.

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