Police Officer Adopts Puppy He Saved From A Hot Car For His Daughters [VIDEO]

When Kansas City police officers Jeff O’Rear and Erik Winters saw a six-month-old puppy that had been locked in a hot car for almost two hours, they knew they had to act fast. They smashed the back window and pulled the four-pound pup from the oven-like vehicle.

The Pet Smart Team That Helped Save The Puppy

It was lucky that they rescued the puppy when they did. By the time they got there, the tiny pooch was convulsing and had a body temperature of 107.7 degrees. They rushed the little guy to a local PetSmart for treatment.

Officer O’Rear was so affected by seeing the puppy in distress that he wanted to make sure the dog grew up without ever having to go through something like that again. So he adopted the puppy and brought him home to the surprise of his daughters.

For a kid, a dog is pretty much the best gift ever, and for a dog, a caring home free from that kind of neglect is just as special. The puppy hasn’t been named yet, but we’re sure he’s happy to be getting plenty of love.


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