Anne and Jake from Upstate NY


Human: Anne

Canine: Jake

Location: Upstate NY

Type: Labrador Retriever

Our Story:

I have to admit it: when we first thought about adopting a dog, we didn’t think about all the work that needs to be done before welcoming a fur-ball in our house. The only thing we could thing about was holding it in our arms and let him give us silly kisses.

When the time came for us to adopt, two weeks after buying our first house, we did EVERYTHING wrong. It still amazes us that despite all the mistakes we made, we ended up with a great, adorable, loyal, handsome and healthy boy.

The only thing we did right was to research before we adopted to know which breed would suit us best. We asked ourselves questions about our lifestyle, our health (allergies), about dog-care and cost. These questions were meant to clarify and confirm the choice we had already made.

As for of the the rest of the things we were supposed to do, it didn’t happen. The rest of the process happened in 24 hrs. Yes, 24 hours.

We didn’t call breeders or went to the pound. We haven’t see the puppies first or their parents or where they lived. We had no idea if we would crate-train (didn’t even know what was crate-training) our pup or not. Didn’t know if we wanted a boy or a girl. We had just moved into our first house, who was NOT puppy-proof (because really, how bad can a puppy act?), and didn’t know a thing about it.

We had no puppy food, toys or food bowls. We were totally unprepared.

It all happened when we went at the furniture store and, while talking to the salesman, told him we were looking to buy a Labrador. He then told us that we had just missed one of his customer that had come with one of her puppies. A chocolate Lab. Just what we were looking for.

So without hesitation, and thinking, we got the other customer info and contacted her. Not right way mind you, but as soon as we got into the car. We left a message and she called us back later that night. We agree to meet in an empty parking lot, the day after (what were we thinking!).

Not once, did we question our sanity. Now, a year and a half later, after having learn so much about dogs and about the adopting process, I bang my head on walls. Really, meeting a stranger in a parking lot during a snowing night?

That night, the last night we could have slept soundly – and late- we were too much excited. And, somehow, we convinced ourselves that meeting the pup would NOT mean we would adopt him.

Yeah right.


So the next day, as we were waiting in an empty city parking lot, we saw a dark pick-up coming in our direction. We stayed put in the car, not really knowing what to expect. We might not have been jumping up and down, but we were very excited and kept repeating to ourselves : relax, if the pup doesn’t like you, you don’t have to adopt him. We were also a little bit worried because the girl we spoke to told us that she only had one pup left, a boy, and he was the runt of the litter. Was something wrong with him? Why nobody else had chosen him?

The pick-up stopped beside our car and a young woman in her late twenties got out of it. She was holding the most cutest and beautiful dark chocolate lab ever.

I don’t quite remember what was said, because I grabbed the little brown package and he immediately settled in my arms.

That’s it. He was mine.

As soon as my husband took him in his arm, the runt started to lick his face.

That’s it. he was ours.

What I do remember being said, is that because he was the fattest guy of a litter of eleven siblings, he has been overlooked by potential new owners. People usually are looking for an active puppy that will run in their directions with oversize paws and the little guy was not that. But we didn’t really care for that. We only heard that he loved to cuddle and he was a very loving dog.

So, after an exchange of money and AKC papers, we left with a big smile and a brown package. Our next step was to run to a store, literally, and buy some dogs accessories and survive the night. But that is another story.